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Further Testimonials:

    I don't know what exactly you do, but the difference in Lily's shape is phenomenal. I was getting her ready for some school work and was brushing her over and I thought her hind quarters are now much more raised and starting to fill properly - am I imagining all this!!?? She seems to be a proper shape now, not just a shell. I did not overdo the exercise but thought she was moving pretty well, and with better rhythm. The rugs also look like they are hanging on shaped quarters - not falling away. Thanks again for all your help - it certainly works!! Sheena Nov. 09

    It was a positive experience for both Kobe and myself. He seemed much calmer for the rest of the evening and slept very well, without having to get up to go potty in the wee hours, as he often does. We will definitely continue to use the technique. A. F. Atherton, CA Nov 09

    Thank you Richard!!! My foot really (I mean REALLY) felt better after you worked on it and the arnica seems to have more of an effect than the traditional stuff... except of course plain old rest. H. W. Woodside, CA

    After the session, I felt that the tension in my shoulder (where most of the work was done) was relieved, and in terms of qi, I felt that the circulation in the area improved. And I am amazed it didn't hurt at all (some massage sessions I have had before were kind of painful.) S. I. Mountain View, CA

    Wow Richard, Super work!!!!! How profound that is ... to connect in this way! Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon)

Richard & Horse
"Lying Leopard", another TTouch hand position,
releases tension in the shoulder.


Richard's Bio:

    Richard is a long time horseman who previously worked in thoroughbred stud management both in Ireland and the U.K., conducting pedigree research for suitable bloodlines. Author of feature articles and advertising copy for Stud & Stable Magazine a thoroughbred racing industry journal.

    He is extremely interested in finding a modality to transfer these talents to a wider arena. Richard believes that as with the congruency horses require, TTouch and contact will help people better access their own physical bodies and emotions.

    The integrative body work that I started out using for our 4 legged brethren/sisters with great improvements in their well being - is now transferring across to our human counterparts with similar results.

    So much so that I am now conducting some personal empowerment clinics for VA chaplains, student life staff, physical therapists, college students, and individuals on how to deal with the stresses of work and home life without resorting to the usual quick fixes - medication, therapies etc.

    This complementary therapy uses breathwork and simple non intrusive circular touch any being can be taken from reaction into thinking mode.

Richard & Horse
Toby relaxes after a bodywork session.

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